Frequently Asked Questions

1. What percentage of the money donated to ISVS will go to the intended cause?

100% of the funds donated get passed on to the intended Vaishnava cause. ISVS does not pass-on the fee’s it pays to the bank or the wiring service. In other words, if for example you donate $100USD to the Mayapur Institute, then the Mayapur Institute receives $100USD.

2. Once the donation reaches the intended cause, what percentage of the money actually goes to salaries and Admin?

All the projects we sponsor spend less than 10% on expenses. For example, donations sent to educate a student at the Mayapur Institute, are used solely to educate, house and feed the student. Donations sent to build a new classroom facility for the women, are directed to that project for materials and labor.

3. Can a donor visit the project, society or charity that they are donating to?

Yes. Any and all donors are welcome to not only visit, but to donate some of their time actively promoting or physically working with a project.

4. How is ISVS staff compensated?

ISVS is a volunteer-based organization. All members, including the Program Directors, donate their time and – where required – personal funds, to advance ISVS’s mission and vision.