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Chant Hare Krishna, clean The Holy Dham and be happy.

Mayapur Clean & Green

“Mayapur is the spiritual world manifested on Earth. Build your Sambandha by seva and glorification of The Dhama. As the Dhama manifest, so also your seva to it will give you the path back to Godhead”.
Srila Prabhupada, Back to Godhead.

Mayapur Clean and Green

Who are we? What do we do?

We are doing our humble best to serve Lord Krishna by loving and caring for our Mayapur Dham.

  • We want to stop the pollution of our air, holy soil and our sacred rivers, Mother Ganga and Jalangi.
  • We desire to save our Go Mata (cows) from eating garbage.
  • We also want to grow more trees, greenery and create a beautiful setting here and a healthy lifestyle.

People who are already living in the Village of Mayapur and the thousands and thousands of visitors, tourists, pilgrims DON’T KNOW what to do with their garbage. Millions of people will come to visit Mayapur Dham, once the TOVP is concluded; it is estimated that between 60 to 200 thousand people will visit Mayapur every single day.

In the absence of a garbage management system, we created a community of devotees called “Mayapur, Clean and Green”.

Every day a humble team of 3 workers supervised by Murari Mohini DD take to the streets with 3 purposes:

  1. Educate the population on waste separation.
  2. Collect the garbage and take it to the appropriate places.
  3. Establish a waste recycling system.

Our inspiration

Living in the Sri Nabadwip Dham region is a miracle come true, this blessed land has been personally created by Srimati Radharani in Her purest desire to please Her beloved Krishna. By the divine order of Sri Krishna all the holy places live here, and living here eternally has been His promise to Srimati Radharani. 

Every day, when we go out to clean the streets of our Holy Dham, we feel irremediably committed and grateful with this Divine creation of love called “Mayapur Dham”.

Cleaning the Holy Dham is to respect those vines, those Tulasi forests, those trees and flowers that Srimati Radharani herself has placed to decorate this divine place, 

Cleaning the Holy Dham is to clear the land with the vision of growing flowers so that the aroma of jasmine, mallika and malatis may return, 

Cleaning the Holy Dham is to protect the creatures that inhabit this little piece of spiritual world, it is to give opportunity to bees, cows, their calves and other innocent beings so that they can roam happily, as well as the birds which constantly chant the names of Krishna, 

Cleaning the Holy Dham is to understand that the sacred waters of Mother Ganga and Yamuna are here to protect and nurture this wonderful Garden of love, 

Mainly, cleaning the Holy Dham is to give people the opportunity so they can achieve maximum spiritual realization, and live in a healthy, clean environment, conducive to constantly remembering Krishna.

However, what is the reality? 

That those trees, flowers, Tulasi forests, vines, bees, etc, etc, are becoming less and less, most of them are sacrificed to make way for constructions, larger roads and other modern buildings, shops, etc, etc. 

That the sacred waters of the Ganges and Jalangi are being attacked by indiscriminate dumping of garbage, sewage and other pollutants, 

Garbage is accumulated in clandestine dumps or indiscriminately burned, thus causing serious damage to our health and the environment.

Additionally, many cows and other animals roam the streets in search of food, unfortunately, if the streets are full of plastic waste, they end up eating this plastic and consequently suffering severe pain, illness and death. If we manage to keep the streets clean, we avoid this suffering to the animals and we open the possibility that the grass and other native herbs can grow naturally. 



The solution:

  • We want to promote awareness, to educate our community and to provide a cleaning service for all possible areas. For the moment, as a matter of urgency we have started with those areas where the bad practice of accumulating and burning these wastes proliferates, thus in this way we contribute to reducing this cause of air, soil and water pollution in this region.
  • We are constantly connecting with and educating the local population about the good reasons why to separate their garbage, to give us their inorganic waste instead of irresponsibly dumping it into the environment, to green and reforest (when possible) the area around their house.
  • In the near future we will be able to plant more trees and cultivate grass for the animals in those areas that were previously contaminated by garbage.
  • We also help the population to identify elements that are dangerous to health and the environment such as batteries, medicines, mercury lamps, used needles and we teach them the proper way to dispose of them until they reach our hands.

What is the coverage area of ​​our services?

The humble “Mayapur, Clean & Green Team” can afford only 3 workers and 1 supervisor right now. They are currently covering an area of approximately 5 kilometers around Mayapur Dham (Bhaktisiddhanta Road, Taranpur Road, and some River Ghats: Hular Ghat, Taranpur, Ghat, Mayapur Ghat), but still there is much more to clean…

 To make a real Impact, we need: 

  1. We need at least 100 full time workers collecting garbage,
  2. MOST IMPORTANT: MASSIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR the children, who can actually learn new good habits and also teach to their parents.
  3. We need to put trash cans for dry waste every 50 meters. (at every neighborhood, at every colony, along the road, at the banks of the rivers: Ganga and Jalangi, inside the boats).
  4. We need to educate the people how to use the trash cans (segregation at source).
  5. We need to build a suitable deposit and Eco -Center for education and collection of different kinds of waste.
  6. Find and consolidate spaces to plant trees and sow clean pasture for the cows. 
  7. Ideally we would like to Install a plastic recycling factory (Rs 1 Crore).

Thank you very much for caring and being part. 

Your green servant: 

Murari Mohini DD

Project Coordinator 


Clean and Green

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▶ Sponsor 1 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 day – $6
▶ Sponsor 2 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 day – $12
▶ Sponsor 1 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 month – $180
▶ Sponsor 2 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 month – $360
▶ Sponsor 1 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 week – $42
▶ Sponsor 2 full-time laborer to clean Mayapur for 1 week – $84

▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a day with 3 full time laborers – $18
▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a week with 3 full time laborers – $126
▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a month with 3 full time laborers – $540

▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a day with 8 full time laborers – $48
▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a week with 8 full time laborers – $336
▶ Clean Mayapur Dham for a month with 8 full time laborers – $1,440

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Note: You don’t have to donate these full amounts to help us make an impact. If you donate part of the cost we can still get work done in these areas and will pool your donation with others who have donated for the same area.

  •  “Mayapur” Dham Sevak – $900
  •  “Ganga Mai” Dham Sevak – $800
  •  “Jalangi” Dham Sevak – $700

Donate a Mayapur Clean & Green Recycling BIN for the Dham – $72

▶ Buy a Flatbed Rickshaw to Clean Mayapur – $278

▶ Buy a Recycling Clean & Green Toto Sevak – $590

▶ Help us to Build an Eco-Center for Mayapur Dham – $1,008

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Mayapur Clean & Green

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